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The #NinesPinafore

The story behind this pattern

Stitched in Legacy and Comfort.

Named after my grandma, affectionately known as Nines, who taught me to sew at 8. She backed my leap into entrepreneurship a few months before she passed. A homemaker par excellence, Nines balanced family, style, and warmth seamlessly. This apron, like her, blends elegance with comfort. More than an apron, it’s a nod to practical style and the woman who inspired it’s name.

#NinesPiafore hack #1

Bored of the bows? Consider a stylish twist for your apron by switching out the side straps for shorter ones featuring buttons, creating an updated appearance!

Alternative sewing techniques for the bodice

While a lining can offer a stunning finish to your garment, there are alternative ways to sew it.


Consider using bias instead, as it can be a more cost-effective and quicker option.

Explore this video to learn how to create your own bias binding from your own garment fabric, or opt for a pre-prepared alternative for a more creative and efficient approach!


Another alternative, especially for more experienced sewists, could be to employ the burrito method.

The burrito method is a sewing technique used to encase a garment between two layers, often when attaching a yoke to a bodice or when dealing with reversible garments. It involves rolling the fabric like a burrito to sew seams neatly and then turning the fabric right side out, resulting in a clean and hidden finish without visible seams.

Check out this video tutorial fromĀ Seamwork, where they share in detail how to Sew a Lining Using the Burrito Method.