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The Nines Pinafore pattern accommodates bust measurements from 80 cm to 120 cm. Worried about exact measurements? No need! The design includes open lateral seams, offering flexibility for those whose measurements fall slightly outside this range

The Nines Pinafore pattern is crafted for confident beginners sewers. The tutorial is thoughtfully structured to ensure that even if you haven’t encountered certain techniques before, you don’t have to worry – this is the perfect learning opportunity! The step-by-step guide is not just about creating a beautiful apron; it’s a journey of skill-building.

Clear step-by-step illustrations that guide you through this sewing experience effortlessly. Packed with helpful tips and useful links, these guides are perfect for improving your sewing skills.

The story behind this pattern

The Nines Pinafore: Stitched in Legacy and Comfort.

Named after my grandma, affectionately known as Nines, who taught me to sew at 8. She backed my leap into entrepreneurship a few months before she passed. A homemaker par excellence, Nines balanced family, style, and warmth seamlessly. This apron, like her, blends elegance with comfort. More than an apron, it’s a nod to practical style and the woman who inspired it’s name.