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How to cut a pattern on fold

There are different ways to cut your pattern pieces depending on the label instructions:

CUT ON FOLD:  that indicates a piece of fabric should be cut along a fold in the fabric, rather than cut out separately.  This is often done when a pattern piece is symmetrical, and cutting it on a folded fabric saves time and ensures that both halves of the pattern piece are exactly the same.

STEP 1 I PREPARE THE FABRIC: Fold your fabric in half, making sure the selvage edges (the finished edges of the fabric) are aligned with each other.

(TIP) The right sides should be facing together.

STEP 2 I PIN the folded edges together to keep them from shifting as you cut.

STEP 3 I LAY AND SECURE THE PATTERN: Lay your pattern piece on top of the folded fabric, making sure the fold line on the pattern pice matches up with the folded edge of the fabric. *(TIP) Use weights or pins to hold the pattern piece in place

(Tip) Use weights or pins to hold the pattern piece in place

STEP 4 I ADD SEAM ALLOWANCES: Use a fabric marking tool (such as tailor’s chalk or a disappearing ink pen) to trace around the edges of your pattern pieces onto the fabric.

ATEMPO patterns do not include seam allowances, check your pattern to find out how much SA you need to leave, and with the help of a taylor ruler trace the fabric. Make sure to transfer any markings or notches onto the fabric as well.

STEP 5 I CUT: Use your fabric scissors to carefully cut around the tracing lines that are not on the fold. Cut through both layers of fabric at the same time.

STEP 6 I REMOVE the pattern piece from the fabric and unfold the fabric to reveal your cut piece.

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